Select USPS Web Tool to use:

  1. Address/Standardization
    Never get another address or Zip Code™ wrong again with our address standardization city and state lookup APIs.
  2. Tracking & Delivery Information
    Get estimated delivery information and track packages until they arrive with Tracking & Delivery Information APIs.
  3. Price Calculator
    Calculate postage rates quickly and easily online for domestic and international shipping.
  4. Print Shipping Labels
    Print a complete shipping label with a tracking barcode to track packages seamlessly with one of our PC Postage® partners.
  5. Package Pickup
    Stop going to the Post Office™ to drop off your packages. With the Package Pickup API, you can submit a pickup request and we will pick up your packages for free.
  6. Service Standards & Commitments
    Get estimates on delivery and receive guaranteed Commitments with certain services.